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Reservation dates :

Please note: the school opens October 15, 2010

We give one lesson (2 hours) per student per day. For instance 10 hours of lessons = 5 days

To reserve the course of lessons:

1) click on the date of your first lesson

2) click on the date of your last lesson

Prices are higher in the high season and lower in the low season (see webpage ).

High season: 17 Dec - 3 Jan

Low seasons: 6 Nov - 9 Dec ; 17 Jan - 30 Jan


Which training materials would you like to receive in the next few days to be prepared for the lessons?

- Trainer kite Ozone IMP III 1.0m at €70 plus shipping costs
- Home preparation package (manual, video, kite)* at €165 plus shipping cost
- Instruction DVD for beginners at €30 plus shipping costs
- Instruction DVD for intermediates at €30 plus shipping costs
- Handbook of kitesurfing for beginners at €10 plus shipping costs
*= get €160 back when you return the kite at our school and take lessons (for details, see web page lessons)