Cape Verde currency


The currency in Cape Verde is the escudo expressed as CVE (Cape Verde Escudo). The currency can only be obtained on the islands (ie. difficult to get abroad).

Euros are widely accepted and we would recommend that you take Euros. On Sal and Sao Vicente many tourist enterprises and even the aluguers will accept euros. But you will generally pay 10% too much.Travellers cheques can be changed on some islands but the charges are high.

ATM machines can be found at the major banks in most island capitals, but do not always accept Mastercard, Maestro or Switch (more likely to accept VISA with pin). These will dispense Cape Verde Escudos however we recommend that you do not rely solely on these. Banks are usually open Monday to Friday 0800 - 1500.

The Cape Verde Escudo is pegged to the Euro (€1.00 = 110CVE). For more info for other currencies, please click on: exchange rate of the Cape Verde currency.


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