Cape Verde Visa requirements

Buy your Visa in advance to avoid troubles or queues during travel

All visitors without Cape Verde passports except South Africans now need a visa. A passport valid for six months is required.

Residents of the Netherlands, Belgium , France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Canada and the USA should apply for the Visa through the local Cape Verde consulate or embassy.

Residents of countries without an embassy may buy a visa upon arrival (in euros) at the Cape Verde airport of arrival. Please note that queues can be long so you many want to arrange your visa before departure. Residents from the British Isles have the option of getting the visa through the Rotterdam consulate or through the embassy in Brussels. Residents from Poland have the option of getting the visa from the embassy in Berlin in Germany.

Cape Verde Consulates

List of Cape Verde consulates and embassies in Europe, USA and Canada.

Visa application process

Download the visa application form: Netherlands version , USA version.

  • Visa's can take up to 15 working days to process.
  • All forms should be completed in block capital letters.
  • A valid passport should be sent with the application (photocopies not allowed).
  • A Passport photograph should be enclosed annotated on the reverse with the applicants full name.
  • A copy of the return flight document should be attached.
  • A copy of the accommodation reservation in Cape Verde OR references from your host in Cape Verde. (ie Name and Address).
  • All documents MUST be sent special / registered delivery.

The type of information required is your full name, current street address, town, e-mail address, phone number, nationality, passport number, date and place of issue of the passport, date the passport was issued and expires, purpose of your visit (usually holidays), flight number, airport of departure, airport of arrival, date of arrival, length of stay, name of the hotel in Cape Verde.