Flights, hotels and moving about (incl. Car hire)

It is not always easy to get travel and hotel information for Cape Verde. Here we try to help you.

Flights to Cape Verde

Cape Verde flights arrive in Sal, Praia, Boa Vista (and soon: Sao Vicente). If Sal is your destination: it can be reached by direct flights coming from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hannover, Koln-Bonn, Munchen, Stuttgart, Milan, Verona and Brussels. Flight time from northern European locations is about 5 hours.

If Sao Vicente is your destination: it can be reached by a transfer in Praia or Sal. Flight time from both local airports to Sao Vicente is 50 minutes. When flying with TACV, the transfer flight is at no extra cost. Sao Vicente upgraded its airport to take larger aircraft so direct medium and long haul flights are expected to start arriving in Sao Vicente later in 2010.

More information about flights and a flight map.

Do not forget the check the Cape Verde visa requirements in advance !!

Hotels in Sao Vicente

Most hotels are located in or close to Mindelo. Sao Vicente is not a large island so getting to the more remote kitesurf beaches should not take you more than 20 minutes. Getting to the kitesurf beaches (Salamansa and Baia das Gatas) is easy. You can either take the alugers (see below) which leave from Praça Estrela in Mindelo or you can use our free service to pick you up and return you to your hotel. Examples of hotels in Mindelo are the small hotels: Solar Windelo and Casa Café Mindelo and the larger hotel: Oasis Atlântico Porto Grande. For a hotel with beach tranquillity: Foya Branca on the West side of the island.

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Moving about in Sao Vicente

Travelling between the Cape Verde islands

The options for travelling between the Cape Verde islands are by airplane (TCAV, Cabo Verde Express and Halcyon air), hydrofoil and ferry.

Travel on the island

Distances are not far on Sao Vicente. The two furthest point of the island are only 25 kilometers apart. PUBLIC TRANSPORT consists of minibuses, also referred to as hiaces ('yassers'), and open trucks with seating in the back, carros, identifiable by the sign 'aluguer'. They normally meet at a point in a town or village, drive around town picking up passengers and leave when they are full. Aluguers can be flagged down anywhere along the roads. Tell them where you want to get off and if you don't know the price, we advise you to agree it before you get on, you pay after disembarking. Compared to African standards, Cape Verde minibuses are in very good condition and the drivers are careful. - TAXIS refer to cars with meters and taxi signs and to public minibuses or trucks that have been chartered by a person. Chartering costs about ten times the public fare but you might want to consider it if you want to go somewhere at a different time of the day from everyone else. Generally, prices are fixed and a bit high but an overall good solution for tourists. - Car hire is also possible. Local chain companies and other small firms operate on Sao Vicente. You must have a valid driving licence and a deposit of 10,000-20,000 CVE. Booking in advance is advisable. CVE is the Cape Verde currency (Cape Verde Escudo).

More information about obtaining Cape Verde currency and the current exchange rate.