Kitesurfing holidays on Sao Vicente

Sao Vicente benefits of consistent trade winds that make the Northern Cape Verde Islands such a good choice for kitesurfing.

Check the wind statistics: The percentage of time (taken between 10:00 and 16:00) with 11-25 knots (good strength for learning) and good wind direction is between 50% and 99% in the period October - June in Sao Vicente. Perfect for a kitesurf holiday !!

Sao Vicente is less developed compared to the other islands Sal and Boa Vists but gives your holidays more variation beyond sea and beach life. It is the most cosmopolitan Cape Verde island, has a lively city (Mindelo) and varied scenic landscape.

Check out the weather and wind reports.

Map of Cape Verde island of Sao Vicente with kitesurfing beaches.

Pictures of Sao Vicente and music from Cape Verde are provided below.

Kitesurf Spots Sao Vicente
Sao Vicente hotels
Sao Viicente flights

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