Kitesurfing lessons: Why learn to kitesurf with us?

Learning to kitesurf can start before the kitesurfing lessons so you can get most out of the lessons and learn fast. Our approach is to optimize your learning curve by offering to help you before, during and after the lessons.

Before the kitesurfing lessons

We want to help you to prepare for your lessons. Lessons are expensive. The more you can do by yourself to prepare for the lessons, the more you will get out of the lessons to learn to kitesurf fast.

  • We can send you an instruction DVD (2 options: beginners, intermediates) so you can familiarize yourself with kitesurfing before the first lessons
  • We can send you the handbook for kitesurfing for beginners so you can familiarize yourself with the terms, theory and safe practice of kitesurfing.
  • Perhaps the most special offer is our home trainer package. The package was developed with the most common hurdles for learning to kitesurf fast in mind: 1) kite handling and 2) the waterstart. The package includes the Ozone MP III 2.5m trainer kite with bar, instruction manual for kite handling and waterstart and video tutorials on USB stick to show exercises for the waterstart. This package is designed so you can practice at or near your home. To give you total flexibility, we offer you the option to return the kite to us at our school. You will get the €160 price of the kite back from us if you take a 10 hour course of kitesurfing lessons with us. This means you use the trainer kite only when needed at no expense!

Each of these options can be purchased as part of booking kitesurfing lessons with us or as a separate order for materials to learn to kitesurf.

During the kitesurfing lessons

  • We will take you to a beach with the perfect wind direction to avoid being blown direct on the beach or out to sea.
  • We choose a location with plenty of space on the beach and on the water.
  • We take at most 2 students per instructor so you get full attention to learn to kitesurf fast and safely.
  • Instructions across the water in windy conditions are difficult to hear. We use a wireless communication system integrated into the safety helmet so you can clearly hear the kitesurfing tuition.
  • We have a wide range of top quality Cabrinha kites (Switchblade and Convert) and Nobile boards.
  • Our safety equipment is comprehensive and we insist you use an impact vest, helmet and harness.
  • We will provide special hydrophobic sunglasses so you can see properly during the kitesurf lessons (no glare, and little water on the glasses).
  • For the more advanced kitesurfing lessons, we use video capture for analysis so you can learn the kitesurf techniques faster and show off the video your friends.

Check out our pdf download that gives you a summary of the lessons program: including the discovery kiteboarder program, the intermediate kiteboarder program and the independent kiteboarder program.

After the kitesurfing lessons

  • We like to stay in touch and reward you for your trust in us. Once you have taken 10 hours of kitesurfing lessons with us, you will be eligible for a 20% discount on next lessons. Moreover, any friends or family who book kitesurfing lessons with us because of your referral will receive a 20% discount as well ! Registration for this is easy. No loyalty cards needed. We will register you automatically and keep your name and e-mail address in our records.