Volunteers found.

We asked for volunteers to help us to support the community in Sao Vicente. The response was fantastic. THANK YOU!
We are super exited to get the help from 2 world experts: one for SEO for websites and the other for business management.

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Volunteering to help local businesses in Cape Verde (Africa)

We are looking for volunteers to help us to train university graduates in São Vicente, one of the Cape Verde islands. The training will be in expertise that is critical for these islands to compete in the international business of tourism and trade:
• Website design
• General management
We have already recruited the right individuals from local universities (some coming from extremely poor families) and want to give them the opportunity to run companies that can compete at the international level.

‘Job’ Description
The 2 trainers we are looking for:
1. A person who is expert in search engine optimisation (SEO)
2. A person who had responsibility to run a company or a business unit (many years of hands-on experience of business administration).

Both need to speak and write English and have good interpersonal skills.

For the SEO person, we envisage this to be a younger person (35-45), currently employed or having his/her own business. We will only need such a person for 2 weeks in October 2012.

For the business administration person, we envisage this to be someone who recently retired (early) aged 55 – 70. We need such a person for 1 to 2 months starting in October 2012.

Benefit for the trainers
São Vicente and Santo Antão offer natural beauty that has not been spoilt by tourism. The locals are warm and friendly to foreigners. The culture is embedded traditional values. Cape Verde is considered a safe country.
Working with the locals will be an unforgettable experience.
For those liking windsurfing. kitesurfing, sailing, hiking, mountain biking, diving, snorkelling – it’s paradise!

We will pay for all expenses: flights, accommodation, meals. The trainers can freely use our equipment: windsurfing, kitesurfing, mountain bikes, snorkelling.

Background of Kitesurf NOW
We are a service company in the adventure tourism sector.
Our core business is to provide adventure holidays beyond expectations.
The activities we provide include kitesurfing, windsurfing, mountain biking, e-biking and multi activity packages.
The service we provide to our clients covers the entire consumption chain which covers providing information prior to travel, travel to Cape Verde, activities, accommodation, local transport and return home from Sao Vicente.
The company targets customers aged 45-65 looking for some authentic & unspoilt holiday destination.

Our company is built on two pillars: 1) total customer satisfaction and 2) supporting the local community.

As a company we want to grow but also to give the possibilities for locals to get a job and get professional training.
We are working only with Cape Verdeans as we believe that this is the best way to help the local community.

Kitesurf NOW company is bringing business expertise to Sao Vicente
The expertise we need and which is critical but we cannot find on Cape Verde is in the fields of:
• Website design with emphasis in SEO
• General management

Local companies need to be internationally competitive in industries such as: tourism and export so the full profits can be used to re-invest in Cape Verde (instead of going to Europe of northern-America).

We are getting this expertise by bringing top experts from Europe and the USA to help our company and for ventures initiated by local São Vicente companies. We think it is important that ventures in São Vicente can compete with foreign companies and that profits can stay in Cape Verde to drive further development. Current investment comes from large multinational companies such as TUI but most profits go back to Europe and local companies such as the airline company TACV cannot compete (they do not even have a website!).

That’s the reason for us to train a group of 2- 3 students. One of the students will be offered a full-time position at Kitesurf NOW, the others will have excellent credentials to start a new company or to take a senior position at a current company.

Training programs
The objective of the training is to be ready to do professional day to day management of a company.

1. Website design with emphasis on SEO
• Start of the training: 15-sth of October
• Place of the training: Mindelo and Praia Notre
• Duration : 2 weeks, 8 hours per day (from Monday to Friday)
• Tutoring will be half of the day, the rest of the day will be self-study and exercises
Materials: we have already provided laptops, books, e-learning tools
Trainer: Expert from Europe/USA.

This program is with a team (the owner of Kitesurf NOW, a local university professor in IT and 2 local IT graduates) which by January 1 2013 will form a partnership company for website development servicing companies in Cape Verde.
This team is currently working on 2 websites:
• An update of KitesurfNOW.eu
• Creation of E-bikeNOW.eu
The training is envisaged for the moment the prototype of the E-bikeNOW.eu website is ready.
Details of the program are given below.

2. General management
• Start of the training: 1-st of October
• Place of the training: Mindelo and Praia Notre
• Duration : 1-2 months, 8 hours per day (from Monday to Friday)
• Tutoring will be half of the day, the rest of the day will be self-study and exercises
From the middle of September, there will be a self-learning program before the training starting October to prepare the students.
We will provide laptops, books, e-learning tools
Trainers: Ola, Marc, expert from Europe/USA.

Details of the program are given below.

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Effect of 2010/2011 La Nina on the trade winds of Sao Vicente

Global weather is impacted by La Nina (following El Nino). The impact of La Nina on the trade winds we normally experience mid-October – July in Sao Vicente (Cape Verde Islands) has not been published so far. We are in the process of recording wind patterns, location of the engines driving the trade winds (high pressure – Azores; low pressure  -ITCZ) and rain zones to assess the impact for our kitesurf school. So far (mid-October to mid-November), the signs are not good. We see a shift of high and low pressure systems on the Atlantic Ocean and notice more rain and…. less wind!

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How to choose the right sized kite

Have you ever looked for advise on what kite size to use, only to find a chart for 75kg riders (and your weight is different)? Do you want to compare different types of kites for their optimal wind range?

To help you, we have produced a chart showing the wind range for each size kite. We have done this for rider weights of 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 65kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, 95kg and 100kg and for 4 kite types: bow high aspect-ratio, bow medium aspect-ratio, hybrid and C-shape. Check it out: http://www.kitesurfnow.eu/images/pdftext/Wind-kiteChartBooklet.pdf

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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How to self-rescue

It’s just a matter of time: one day you will get stuck out there on the water at a distance from shore with no chance of a kite re-launch.  SO HOW DO YOU GET BACK TO SHORE?

Well, the self-rescue technique, of course.

All too often, schools are skipping this part of the lesson. Even when we are taught we don’t get enough practice so by the time the self-rescue is needed most we may have forgotten already.

So below is a link to a video as a refresher on how to do the self-rescue.  After having seen the video: keep in mind that one of the techniques to get back to shore (using the kite as a sail) is only mentioned and not shown. We will try to capture this on video and share this with you. Watch this space!

Self-rescue by Neil Godbold, IKO head examiner, UK


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3 Steps to decide whether a spot has good windstatistics

Have you ever arrived at a holiday destination to find out that the 80% >4BFT only happens during the night or that the wind is gusty because it is offshore?

Here is a 3-step process to check out statistics for yourself so you are better informed about wat that matters most to you: how much time can I spend on the water with good, consistent wind from a safe direction?

Step 1: Visit http://www.windguru.cz/int/historie.php  and pick the spot of interest and the time period of interest (look at last year and perhaps the same period, the years before that). Note down the wind strength and direction during the day (e.g. 10h 13h 16h). You can select the info on the windguru page and paste into a program such as MS Excel. If the spot is not listed in Windguru, try a nearby spot and perform step 1b.

Step 1b (if needed): Visit http://www.windfinder.com/windstats/windstatistic_map_world.htm  and pick the nearby spot and the spot of interest to adjust the wind for the spot of interest (for instance if the wind strength at spot of interest is mostly 10% higher than the nearby spot listed on windguru, make the 10% adjustment).

Step 2: Look for your spot on http://maps.google.com/  viewing in satellite mode. Choose the acceptable wind directions for the spot (e.g. cross-shore = from NW and SE).

Step 3: From the list you created, note the times when the wind strength is good (e.g. for beginners between 11 knots and 25 knots) and the wind direction is good. Count  the number of good times (e.g. 13 time points over a 1 week period) out of all time points (e.g. 3 time points per day over 1 week = 21). This gives you a much more practical wind statistic for the spot of interest (e.g. 13/21 = 62%).

We did this for Sao Vicente in Cape Verde (and some other popular holiday destination). Check out the results: http://www.kitesurfnow.eu/en/kitesurfing_cape_verde_islands/wind_report_weather.html .

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Hello world!

Hi, I am part of a kitesurf school called kitesurf NOW .

The aim of this blog site is to share insights to help you to enjoy our sport.

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