How to self-rescue

It’s just a matter of time: one day you will get stuck out there on the water at a distance from shore with no chance of a kite re-launch.  SO HOW DO YOU GET BACK TO SHORE?

Well, the self-rescue technique, of course.

All too often, schools are skipping this part of the lesson. Even when we are taught we don’t get enough practice so by the time the self-rescue is needed most we may have forgotten already.

So below is a link to a video as a refresher on how to do the self-rescue.  After having seen the video: keep in mind that one of the techniques to get back to shore (using the kite as a sail) is only mentioned and not shown. We will try to capture this on video and share this with you. Watch this space!

Self-rescue by Neil Godbold, IKO head examiner, UK


About Marc van Dijk

I'm a dutchman, born on the 8th of May 1964. I've been windsurfing for more than 25 years and started kitesurfing 4 years ago. I'm passionate about these sports and hope that many other can enjoy these sports as I do. I've set up a kitesurf school (Kitesurf NOW) together with my other passion: Ola Markowska on the island of Sao Vicente (Cape Verde islands).
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4 Responses to How to self-rescue

  1. Lucimar says:

    That cant have been from the first concert baeucse Bono tried to burn through the string at the first concert and the kite itself got stuck near the top of the screen on the right side of the stage nice video though the first concert i was about there the entire nite!!! :)

  2. Grazi for making it nice and EZ.

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