Effect of 2010/2011 La Nina on the trade winds of Sao Vicente

Global weather is impacted by La Nina (following El Nino). The impact of La Nina on the trade winds we normally experience mid-October – July in Sao Vicente (Cape Verde Islands) has not been published so far. We are in the process of recording wind patterns, location of the engines driving the trade winds (high pressure – Azores; low pressure  -ITCZ) and rain zones to assess the impact for our kitesurf school. So far (mid-October to mid-November), the signs are not good. We see a shift of high and low pressure systems on the Atlantic Ocean and notice more rain and…. less wind!

About Marc van Dijk

I'm a dutchman, born on the 8th of May 1964. I've been windsurfing for more than 25 years and started kitesurfing 4 years ago. I'm passionate about these sports and hope that many other can enjoy these sports as I do. I've set up a kitesurf school (Kitesurf NOW) together with my other passion: Ola Markowska on the island of Sao Vicente (Cape Verde islands).
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