Volunteers found.

We asked for volunteers to help us to support the community in Sao Vicente. The response was fantastic. THANK YOU!
We are super exited to get the help from 2 world experts: one for SEO for websites and the other for business management.

About Marc van Dijk

I'm a dutchman, born on the 8th of May 1964. I've been windsurfing for more than 25 years and started kitesurfing 4 years ago. I'm passionate about these sports and hope that many other can enjoy these sports as I do. I've set up a kitesurf school (Kitesurf NOW) together with my other passion: Ola Markowska on the island of Sao Vicente (Cape Verde islands).
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2 Responses to Volunteers found.

  1. Elzo Dias says:

    As one of the volunteers… I dare to say: GREAT BEGINNING FELLOWS!!

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